Lary Gremp, President

Modesto Livestock Commission Co., Inc.

Buying Station

Mr. Dairyman,
We are celebrating our 11th year as a BUYING STATION. We have competitively marketed over 8,000 head of holstein butcher cows, bulls and heifers so far this year!! Our BUYING STATION is designed specifically for the dairymen.
We cut our overhead then turned around and gave it back to you!
To insure fair market value we offer cows to the highest bid and to all slaughter houses. We pay for all cows the same day you bring them in. You can always feel free to discuss the price if you wish.
This four-day-a-week service with competitive pricing while saving thousands of dollars per year is the way to go.
Thank You.
– Lary

1.5% Commission

Free Hauling up to $10p/head

$10 p/head on cows you haul in

Open 4 days a week