We are the Modesto Livestock Auction & Flea Market!

We have something for everybody here at Modesto livestock Auction & Flea Market! On Mondays we auction all varieties of farm animals, from goats, sheep and hogs, to ducks, chickens and rabbits. Our Flea Market has over 300 vendors and is full of good food, great produce, household items and much, much, more!!
There is also a “Discount Groceries” store on the property which is open 7 days a week. We feature animals from all over the world for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment. Come meet Daisy, the Watusi, with the longest horns in the world!! The Flea Market is open Sunday and Monday.

WE have free live music and dancing on Sundays from 12 pm to 3 pm. So, check us out online, and then…… COME SEE WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU!!

Easy to find us and contact us!

1107 S. 7th Street Modesto, CA 95351

Office: (209) 522-7762

Fax: (209) 522-1728

Email: Modestolivestock@aol.com


Vendors get a Space today!

We are easy to located, affordable and have a very clean Facility. Approximately 3 acres to set up on, with 5 more acres for parking if needed. The majority of parking is blacktop. For many, many years circus performers from all over the world have come to our location to perform their acts. Carnivals, Car Shows, Revivals, and Wrestling Matches have also enjoyed our location through the years. Whatever your event, we do our best to accommodate your needs!

Join our list of happy vendors! Affordable rent, clean facility, approximately 3 acres to set up!

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